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Friday, November 11, 2011

Brain Oyster Dictionary

  1. Speech that is saturated with religious terms that has little inherent meaning.  Often used by religiopaths to misrepresent themselves as righteous.
  1. A person with no moral conscience who uses religion as a justification for antisocial behaviour.
  2. A person who uses loopholes in the laws of a religion they belong to in order to justify a position that would benefit them personally but is in opposition to the spirit of said law.
  3. A person who uses religiobabble to misrepresent themselves as righteous.
  4. A religious hypocrite.
  5. A sociopath who uses religion to justify their sociopathic behaviour.
  1. A personality disorder indicated by a lack of moral conscience where an individual uses their belief in a religion to create the illusion of righteousness or innocence.
  2. A social condition identified by immoral or antisocial acts being performed for personal gain or gratification using religion as justification.

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